toxic behavior

to leadership excellence

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Are you a successful leader being told you are too aggressive? bold? old school?

Or maybe the management team just needs tools to elevate and coach others because...

Angry boss with female working in the office

Most people don't leave their jobs

They leave their boss

FACT: 75% of people voluntarily leaving their jobs are not quitting companies.
They are quitting their boss!

Have you ever met someone who takes their body to work and leaves their soul (along with caring, empathy, communicating effectively) in bed?  Leadership ‘N’ Soul is dedicated to giving leaders from the boardroom to the mailroom practical tools to bring their body AND their soul to work!

Known as “The Executive Lion Tamer, ” we tame situations and behavior to create a more joyful and productive workplace and help you implement the time-tested sustainable tools that bring more clarity, communication, and effectiveness to your days.

Also known for being the Official Conflict Resolution Hotline for the Employment Advisory Council and many others, 

Leadership ‘N’ Soul is your International Employee Engagement Expert: Transforming behavior, relationships, and culture in the workplace to directly impact your bottom line.

We will help you increase profits, employee loyalty, and customer loyalty without throwing more money into training that fails to change behavior or your money back!





Where there is joy,

there is success

Be the employer of choice.

Lead remote teams to prosper!

Leadership ‘N’ Soul

specializes in converting your People into Revenue through a proven methodology and approach that creates a high performing company with an increased revenue stream.

Fellow Executives, Your Team, Your Staff, Your Customers…. all of these relationships directly affect your bottom line.

Our methodology is extremely effective at getting results that you can count on:
1) Being an Employer of Choice: Increase employee retention and loyalty
2) Increasing Customer Loyalty: Decreasing your competition’s ability to entice your customers
3) Improving your bottom line

Leadership ‘N’ Soul’s

offering is the only one of it’s kind that increases employee and customer loyalty through unconventional, creative, yet very practical solutions. We specialize in PEOPLE, relationships, and how they directly affect your company’s profit.

Be one of the companies that "gets it" and see your profits grow!

Engaged folks are 100% psychologically committed to your company. They will create engaged, loyal customers and increase your profits!

Disengaged folks are a toxic virus running through the veins of your company. They set out to ruin your company and have you bleeding money.

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