Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of Leadership ‘N’ Soul and our number one priority. To this end, we have developed a strong customer relations policy: Employees and clients are both partners. Cultivating their growth within Leadership ‘N’ Soul, and externally cultivating growth for each one of our clients, with every touch.

Leadership ‘N’ Soul’s mission is to inspire, train, educate, and coach executives and professionals to build relationships when they communicate, engage in dialogue so all parties are heard, make decisions from a place of trust and strength, and put in place a proven process that allows for every single employee to feel like they individually matter.

  • Honor: Integrity before profit. Not just at work but in all aspects of our lives.
  • People: We care, we feel it, and we show it. We give to others, for the sole purpose of bringing more light and happiness to the world.
  • Continuous Improvement: We learn, adapt, and improve something every day. We are authentic, we own our mistakes, accept each others’ mistakes and we welcome all feedback.

Have you ever met a leader who was “leading” from a place of fear, insecurity, and doubt instead of strength and trust?  Carol elevates the executives’ intrinsic ability to lead and extracts any poor behaviors that destroys trust and obstructs progress and growth. Internationally recognized Carol Marzouk,  “The Executive Lion Tamer® is the Bilingual Business Relationship Speaker, Coach, and CEO of Leadership ‘N’ Soul, who has also come to be known as “Therapy for Business“.  Simply put, she transforms Bosses into Leaders.  She is a first generation college graduate who is passionate about helping people managers understand how to reignite the flame in disengaged employees.  An expert on Employee Engagement, she is committed to equipping and inspiring leaders and their teams globally, from the Boardroom to the Mail room, who want to improve employee engagement, teamwork, and communication to impact the top and bottom line.  She is known for her engaging and enthusiastic style, as well as her practical, real-world, and customized approach.

How did Carol come to be known as The Executive Lion Tamer®?  Years ago, she had a client who got so angry, he threw a chair across the room and grazed the shoulder of an associate.  Carol worked with him, his partners, and his staff to shift their fear-based culture to one of continuous improvement and accountability. Upon seeing the results, a colleague of Carol introduced her to a large audience as “The Executive Lion Tamer” and it stuck!  Her clients who are the kings/queens of their domain loved it.

Often called “insightful” and “intuitive”, Carol is comfortable with asking the tough questions and will ensure that leaders and teams get to the heart of the matter.  Through her creative methods, participants are sure to discover new ideas, develop practical techniques, and have fun in the process! 

Carol has spent most of her career inspiring leaders and teams to impact the bottom line while retaining their “soul” and integrity.  She is known for using unconventional methods to get real results and helps clients take immediate action, leaving the theory in the office.  She has worked with leaders in multiple professional service industries including law, medical, entertainment, safety certification, high tech, manufacturing, distributing, food and beverage, marketing.  She also does a lot of work in the M&A space, securing the people and culture side that usually falls by the wayside as the financials are being discussed. Carol has held several leadership roles and has overseen the work of hundreds of employees.  She has excelled as a speaker, consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator.

Carol earned her Psychology degree from UCLA, Psychology of Leadership from Cornell Graduate School of Management. She has many other certifications, including her Executive Coaching Certification from the ICF accredited, Center for Executive Coaching, her Coaching Executive Leaders Certification, Leading Organizational Transition, Organizational Development Certification from DePaul University, Life Coaching Certification from the Alan Cohen Group, DISC Certification from Trainsmart, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Predictive Index Talent Optimization Certification, Psychology of Leadership from Cornell Graduate School of Management, and more.

The majority of her bookings are private, by invitation only. 

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A business without a soul has no heart, no passion. A business without passion is a business whose demise has already been foretold

Michael E. Gerber

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