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 Why is Carol called the Executive Lion Tamer?

The trademarked moniker was given to Carol by folks seeing her success with folks who were in tough situations and had tried different coaches and programs. Nothing worked until her time-tested system. More information can be found here.  The full story can be found in several of her podcasts. 

Are you hired to tell our boss we are toxic?

Not at all, in fact, it’s the opposite. If your boss is hiring us, it is an immediate sign that you are worth keeping and spending time and other resources on. We find the common ground and understanding between the boss and direct reports so that everyone gets the benefits of the new and practical tools that bring more joy from the inside out. 

Do you work with toxic people?

Most of my clients are high-performing achievers who are thirsty for growth and want to level-up.   We also work with people who are perceived to be difficult and toxic because of the way they communicate and behave.   They are getting in their own way, and sometimes it just takes awareness and a few modifications, no matter how old the person is, to make a difference.

Do you only work with tough personalities or people who are perceived to be toxic people?

No. Many times, we are called in because the executives care about the folks that work with them and want to create a more welcoming culture for them. Tough situations are not the only situations we need to remedy. We need to make sure the growth-minded amazing folks don’t become flight risks!

What if I don’t think a person is coachable?

Many times people think someone is not coachable but they actually turn out to be very coachable once they talk to us.  It’s a relief for them to be able to let their guard down, bring awareness and healing to their heart, so they can be more trusting, and heart-full with others.

Do you only work with Boards, C-Level Executives, Attorneys, and Surgeons?

Anyone from the boardroom to the mailroom who wants to feel joy about going to work and their relationships are suffering at work and at home is welcome to level-up with us!  Usually, we start at the top.

What is the difference between Leadership N Soul and what is the Executive Lion Tamer?

Leadership N Soul is the corporation, whose mission is to help leaders in all roles bring their soul with them when they lead and collaborate with others. The Executive Lion Tamer is a trademark that Carol obtained after years of helping the Roaring Lions in the workplace soften their edge, and the softer-spoken lions sharpen their edge.

When you say the workplace is toxic, what does that mean?

It can be defined in several ways. Generally, it’s not a welcoming place where some people act and behave out of fear and doubt instead of trust, care, positive intent, and let’s say it…even platonic love for the other human just because they are human, like them.

How long do your typical engagements last?

Many of our clients had a flight risk they wanted to help level-up or a tough situation at work, and once we got them past it, they have stayed with me for years, to keep leveling up in their leadership. It can range from a few sessions to several years.

Do you also coach personal relationships?

There is no way we can avoid that because we bring our whole selves to work. I have saved many marriages and also helped couples separate amicably when it’s in their best interest.

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