Fired up to take your leadership and your life to the next level?

Are you a growth-minded individual looking to improve yourself and your company?                   Want to build positive working relationships with others?

Join the Executive Lion Tamer's Leadership Academy 101 Series

Meet in person once a month for twelve months.
The monthly sessions, are only 4 hours every month where the whole group is together, you learn how to coach each other, get coaching from Carol, and grow before each other’s eyes. You will learn to depend on each other, speak to each other with respect, and care for each other. It is a sample of the accountability and results-based methodology that uses leadership experiential coaching as it’s foundation, not traditional training. The monthly sessions are customized for the leadership gaps and needs of the team in the room. We address the individual leadership gaps as well as the team’s leadership gaps.

Each Academy is small, experiential,  elevational, and transformational!

Only 8 will be accepted for this immersive learning experience! 

1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Accountability and Results baked in! This academy prepares its leaders to achieve new levels of personal and professional growth, elevate their staff’s performance, get significant and measurable results for their organization, and have the most valuable professional experiences of their careers.

Unique learning experience. Focused, Practical & Powerful!
Not just for CEO’s but for emerging leadership, managers, high potentials… ALL people leaders!
Learn to communicate, inspire, cultivate effective and collaborative team culture & take action propelling you to success!

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Stop at any time if you believe that you are not receiving more value than your investment.

You get a full refund!

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