Leadership Mastery by Carol Marzouk

Want to be a better leader?
Want a renewed sense of purpose and drive?
Want to improve yourself and your company?

This program is not just for CEO’s, but for emerging leaders, high potentials… ALL people leaders and entrepreneurs!

Leadership effectiveness is a critical point of leverage for organizational innovation, growth, and success!


This 36-lesson learning experience will expose you to leadership best practices and includes worksheets, quizzes AND a VIP Coaching Session with Carol Marzouk, world-renowned speaker and behavioral strategist.  

Easy learning at your fingertips – learn when YOU want, how YOU want! We know you are busy!

Available for a LIMITED TIME!

So, who are you – as a leader? In this Leadership Mastery course, you’ll find out just who that person is as you learn what your true strengths and weaknesses as a leader are. Then, you’ll tackle concepts that will help shape and mold your strengths, and soften your weaknesses, through the understanding of human behavior, motivation tactics, conflict resolution, and effective communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Which behaviors, if I stop doing, will elevate my personal brand and leadership today?
  • How can I give and receive feedback in a way that builds relationships?
  • How can I adopt the Leader Attitudes and reframe my limiting beliefs?
  • Which communication approach do I take based on what I want the outcome of the conversation to be?
  • What do I need to change about how I lead in order for them to change how they show up?
  • How to say “No” without using the word “No” when appropriate

About Your Instructor

Carol Marzouk, the “Executive Lion Tamer®” and CEO of Leadership ’N’ Soul has spent 30+ years inspiring leaders and teams to impact the bottom line while retaining their “soul” and integrity.  She is known for using unconventional methods to get real results and helps clients take immediate action, leaving the theory in the office. Her mission is to in inspire, train, educate, and coach executives to operate with a conscience and put in place a proven process that allows for every single employee to be 100% psychologically committed to the success of the company. Carol is a bilingual Behavior Strategist, Speaker, Certified Coach, and Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt. An expert on employee engagement, she is committed to equipping and inspiring leaders and their teams globally, from the board room to the mailroom, who want to improve employee engagement, teamwork, and communication to impact the top and bottom line.  She is known for her engaging and enthusiastic style, as well as her practical, real-world, and customized approach.

Carol coaches Board Members, Senior Executives, and HR executives and works in the M&A space, securing the people and culture side that usually falls by the wayside as the financials are being discussed. Carol has held several leadership roles and has overseen the work of hundreds of employees. She has excelled as a speaker, consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator.

 Carol received her Psychology degree from UCLA, and her various Executive Coaching and OD certifications from DePaul University and the ICF-accredited Center for Executive Coaching.

Can't wait to get started!

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