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THANK YOU CAROL!!!! I personally can’t express how much I have appreciated all that you given us. I personally looked forward to each class…not only to learn so much for myself but learn more about those I work with,. and of course the laughs 😊… it was very eye opening and felt it brought us much closer as a team…. Thanks to YOU!! You have such a beautiful and warm personality, one of your many, many attributes. The first time I met you….. a few years back at a seminar put on by the EAC that Carmen and I attended I recall so clearly how Carmen and I liked you so much instantly…. For me it was like meeting a kindred spirit. Thank you sincerely for being in this world and now in my/our lives…. You do and have made a difference!!!

Rachel Gonzalez Executive at The Mate Company

Every one of us is leaving as a better version of ourselves and we got tools to be better persons and better leaders. We got to know each other and learn from each other as well. Thank you for the many tools we got. We communicate better!

Hugo Ayala District Manager, Little Caesars

I have so very much enjoyed the Academy classes and the other folks in the class! In fact our company was named as a “Best Place to Work in 2022” Whoo hoo! A BIG piece of that is because of YOU Carol and the Academy! Thank you for helping me become a better leader!

Cristen Stier RPB, Audit and Accounting Manager and CPA

Every class had something valuable. I got a lot out of it. There was even a lot of therapy that I didn't expect. I got derailed due to Covid, then back up to speed, and really learned how to take initiative, get more organized mentally and physically, and even how to adjust when dealing with other people, which ended up getting me a lot of respect. The checklists also really helped!​

Aaron Gage Manager of Operations, Cryoworks

This academy helped me make decisions that were critical. It wasn't just the class. It was the 1 on 1 support, you've helped me retain employees and get the ball rolling to resolve systemic issues. The group session exercises really help to see how other people do it and how it works in other organizations. It gives one more confidence that the tools work and are real solutions when you see them working across all industries. The dashboard was also a huge confidence booster and because of it, I have made great strides and have accomplished a lot; including not jumping to conclusions and stopping taking things personally.

Nithin Reddy Managing Attorney, Veterans Legal Institute

Why is it that we in manufacturing often make the mistake of promoting our most technically competent or driven shop people in leadership positions and instantly expect them to become great leaders? Understanding why people work and behave the way they do, what motivates the folks you are working with, how to conduct yourself so that others follow, and what support you need to provide to subordinates is not a natural ability for many people. We currently have two of our leaders in Carol Marzouk's leadership academy. What a fantastic opportunity it's been for them to develop and grow! Many of the leadership topics covered are new to them. The concepts they are now applying, the innovative approaches they are now using, and the deeper thinking they are now engaged in, is fantastic to see and beneficial to all of us. These are things they never would have thought about before. This is a definite game changer and it benefits the entire company. They are developing a new and usable vocabulary as they progress and think more deeply about leadership. The tangible difference can be seen in the choices they make when determining who does what and in the way they react when challenging situations present themselves. If you want your leaders to get to the next level and help your whole company grow, I would strongly recommend that you put your leadership folks in Carol's Leadership Academy!

Jon Armstrong Owner and Co-Founder, Do It American

Carol has done a fantastic job working with our law firm partners. She does an excellent job of leading the group and keeping everyone focused. We learned a lot about our own behaviors and how others react to our communication style. The outcome is a more cohesive group and increased open communication. She exceeded our expectations. We plan on using Carol going forward for behavior, communication, and culture improvements on a firm-wide basis. I give Carol my highest recommendation!

Patrick Smith Director of Administration at Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP

The Academy has really helped with identifying the people that we work with their styles and adapting to them to be able to steer them in the right direction. Everything is looking really good now! It's really helped me, not just at work but also at home.

Roger Sobocinski Branch Manager, Trench Shoring

This Academy has really helped me get to know my employees as people and treat everyone a little differently in order to get the best out of them. It has also improved my relationship with my supervisor and really taught me how to delegate more effectively. Before, I thought I needed to do everything myself and I was always overwhelmed . This class helped me realize that it's OK to take initiative and make the calls . I lost the fear to call the shots! After practicing it a few times the fear faded. I am now getting a different level of respect and my compensation has even gotten better!

Sergio Campos Process/Tooling Engineer, Mission Rubber

Curriculum Is Designed To Fit YOUR Specific Needs

Learn while Having Fun Laughing

1. Coaching vs. Bossing
2. Perceptions that Mislead
3. Communicate to Elevate
4. Engage and Motivate Employees
5. Influence not Manipulate
6. Saying NO in a way that builds not destroys 
7. Increasing Trust and Decreasing Silos
8. Designing an Effective Team Structure
9. How to Build successful Onboarding, Orientation, Mentoring & Mirroring programs
10. Emotional and Social Intelligence: Dynamic Resonance, Identifying and Managing Emotions, Interpreting Others Behaviors
11. Remote workers: Building and A Team
12. Delegating for Results
13. Designing Culture of Accountability
14. Managing Your Manager
15. Success in a New Role, including leading former peers
16. Effective Decision Making: Fast and Slow
17. Getting Things Done
18. Handling Overwhelm and Managing Time

19. Leading When Exhausted
20. Coaching Others for Maximum Productivity
21. Accountability: See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it!
22. Thinking Deeply to Solve Problems and Get Great ideas
23. Leading through Change
24. Creating a High-Performance Culture
25. Succession Planning
26. Best Practices: Formal and Informal Performance Reviews (Includes informal coaching)
27. STOP the Meeting Madness! High-Performing, Effective Meetings
28. Keeping Mind and Body Focused (Body Stretches and Mindfulness while working)
29. Being a Corporate Athlete
30. Avoiding Burnout
31. Having Convos that Build Relationships Instead of Destroy/Resolving Conflict
32. How to stop Negative Emotional Contagion/Toxicity
33. Strategic Planning
34. Leadership Lessons from History
35. Speaking in Front of a Group with Confidence

"Just having some fun during our Executive Lion Tamer accountability meeting!"

Groups transformed into Teams and Toxic Behavior to Leadership Excellence


From judging to understanding From resistance to acceptance From speaking to connecting


From leading with blind spots to leading with clarity. From reactive to proactive. From detached to cohesive.


From destructive to constructive conversations. From hesitant to welcoming change. From tactical to strategic.


Accountability meetings throughout. Situational coaching. Leadership assessments and so much more...

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