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1. Leadership Habits
2. Perceptions that lead US
3. Communicate to Elevate
4. Engage Employees
5. Influence not Manipulate
6. Applying Strategic Influence so other departments help you
7. Increasing Trust and Decreasing Silos
8. Designing an Effective Team Structure
9. How to Build successful Onboarding, Orientation, Mentoring & Mirroring programs
10. Emotional Intelligence: Dynamic Resonance, Identifying and Managing Emotions, Interpreting Others Behaviors
11. Remote workers: Building and A Team
12. Delegating for Results
13. DEI and Unconscious Bias
14. Managing Your Manager
15. Success in a New Role, including leading former peers
16. Effective Decision Making: Fast and Slow
17. Getting Things Done
18. Handling Overwhelm and Managing Time


19. Leading When You & Your Team are Exhausted
20. Coaching Others for Maximum Productivity
21. Accountability: See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it!
22. Thinking Deeply to Solve Problems and Get Great ideas
23. Leading through Change
24. Creating a High-Performance Culture
25. Succession Planning
26. Best Practices: Formal and Informal Performance Reviews (Includes informal coaching)
27. STOP the Meeting Madness! High-Performing, Effective Meetings
28. Keeping Mind and Body Focused (Body Stretches and Mindfulness while working)
29. Being a Corporate Athlete
30. Avoiding Burnout
31. Having Convos that Build Relationships Instead of Destroy/Resolving Conflict
32. How to say No without saying No
33. Strategic Planning
34. Leadership Lessons from History
35. Speaking in Front of a Group with Confidence

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