I didn't know how different you were from everyone else who does this! Everything that is happening finally makes sense. Thank you for not just solving the current problems, but also explaining my patterns so I am able to see my work and personal life from an outside perspective and change what I need to change. I want to digest every single thing you say! It's like you are a surgeon performing surgery on me and helping me be a better person! I'm very motivated now. Thank you Doctor!!

Aiko Crawford

There's a reason she wears a necklace with angel's wings. Carol Marzouk is able to achieve miracles. And, for a busy, beleaguered CEO trying to move an organization's culture forward, she is truly a godsend. I have engaged Carol to help my organization on a number of levels, from facilitating retreats, conducting training and workshops, to executive coaching. To these tasks she brings a terrific combination of research-proven practice, corporate savvy and genuine love for the people with whom she is working. All of these skills come in to use when breaking down walls of distrust and building functionality within teams. I strongly recommend Carol to any executive, company or organization who needs help to move to the next level of effectiveness.

Amy Grat Chief Executive Officer, EXP, FKA International Trade Education Programs

Carol's positivity is contagious! When you work with her, you know you're about to tackle your workplace issue with a positive outcome. I met Carol through the California Employer Advisory Council where she now offers a helpline to all members - it's great! Carol helped me personally by understanding how to get the best out of a difficult person. I was able to work with that employee over multiple discussions and I was able to influence them in a direction that served both of us best. When Carol and I worked together, I felt like she heard my issue and came to my rescue to resolve, but it was me executing and it felt great! She coached me for success and I was hooked. She exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to start recommending her to others. I give Carol my highest recommendation! And, I will certainly be a repeat customer.

Tisha Snyder HR Executive, Walmart

Your expertise and engaging delivery style truly captivated our Security audience, and it was evident from the lively dinner table discussions that followed. It was a pleasure to witness the genuine interest and enthusiasm generated by your talk. Even though we weren't able to capture everyone on camera, the energy and engagement were palpable among the 25 attendees. The buffet dinner added a delightful touch to the evening, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for further conversations inspired by your presentation. I regret that we couldn't capture these discussions on camera, as they provided valuable additional perspectives on the topics you covered. I hope we have the opportunity to host another session with you in the future. Your expertise and the way you connect with the audience make a significant impact, and I believe there is much more to explore and discuss. Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights. It was truly a pleasure meeting you on camera, and I look forward to the possibility of working together again.

Heidi Turner Director of Human Resources, The Reserve

Every one of us is leaving as a better version of ourselves and we got tools to be better persons and better leaders. We got to know each other and learn from each other as well. Thank you for the many tools we got. We communicate better!

Hugo Ayala District Manager, Little Caesars

I have so very much enjoyed the Academy classes and the other folks in the class! In fact our company was named as a “Best Place to Work in 2022” Whoo hoo! A BIG piece of that is because of YOU Carol and the Academy! Thank you for helping me become a better leader!

Cristen Stier RPB, Audit and Accounting Manager and CPA

I wanted you to know that I have really benefited from your recent help with Qualtrics Goal setting/Implementation (it is going really well), and the Time Management training. Today’s workshop, “Moving from Boss to Coach: Engage and Mobilize” was exceptional. I found it engaging and thought provoking. The Managers/Directors mentioned that they got a lot out of the training, and each had a different take away. Thank you for the amazing work you do! It is truly appreciated.

Sharyl Schwenkmeyer HR Manager, Rancho La Puerta | Tecate, BC, México

Carol is the best at what she does! Even a single conversation with her is priceless!

John Tretheway Life and business coach

Thank you Carol! The work we did with you helped our team and our company tremendously.

Jeff Starin CEO, Rostar Filters

I want to say how much I appreciate that we were put in touch with each other. By doing so, the Chairman of the Board not only showed support for me personally and professionally, but also for the entire Team and we have all benefited from your sessions. We have enjoyed being with you – learning from you – and our time spent together as a group has been fun and effective. And Carol – we are now connected as friends so you are stuck with me. Thank you, as well, for being great at what you do!

Mike Silverman, CEO Orange County Non-Profit

Carol has done a fantastic job working with our law firm partners. She does an excellent job of leading the group and keeping everyone focused. We learned a lot about our own behaviors and how others react to our communication style. The outcome is a more cohesive group and increased open communication. She exceeded our expectations. We plan on using Carol going forward for behavior, communication, and culture improvements on a firm-wide basis. I give Carol my highest recommendation!

Patrick Smith Director of Administration at Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP

I have worked with Carol in a personal as well as organizational capacity. She is an exceptional professional who is committed to helping individuals and organizations identify and implement the best practices for their unique situations. Carol's company, Leadership 'N' Soul, worked with the manager's in my district to help identify and resolve ineffective communication practices that impacted productivity. She is fun and energetic in her delivery and doesn't waste time getting to the point of the training sessions. The information she delivered was direct and relevant to the specific issues of our organization. In other words, she didn't bog us down in over generalized theoretical perspectives. Carol took the time to learn about our needs and tailored our sessions specifically for us and our industry. It can be difficult to sit and learn about decisions you and your colleagues have made that were intended to help the working environment yet, they were actually working against goals we were trying to achieve. Working with Carol didn't alleviate the "sting" of learning that some of our current practices may have been misguided. However, Carol did create an environment that framed everything as a learning opportunity and she helped us map the pathway to begin to bring about change. After two sessions of learning about our communication behavior, most manager's reported a significant change in the way they communicate with staff and an increase in productivity. Additionally, all of us (about 50 managers) want to continue working with Carol to not only learn more effective behaviors and practices but also to build an effective communication climate where managers and staff adjust the way they interact with each other. Carol is also fantastic in a one-on-one working relationship. I began working with her to help me address some very specific issues with one of my staff members and she guided me through developing and executing a plan that didn't force either of us to change. Rather, we learned to create an environment that allowed both of us to understand "how" each other worked and reduced the conflict so that we could work more effectively together. Carol is a fantastic consultant and coach. Whether your issues or concerns occur on the personal or organizational level - she operates in a way that leads to efficiency in reaching goals that result in higher productivity.

Dr. Dana Emerson Dean of Instruction & College Disciplinary Officer at Coastline Community College

Carol Marzouk, the Executive Lion Tamer, is an excellent, insightful coach and “Attitude Adjuster” who is great at working with conflicts inside the C-Suite. I have personally spoken with many people who have worked with Carol and they all rave about her. I have seen her speak numerous times and Carol has the most remarkable ability to connect with her audience in a way I have rarely seen in any speaker. I have hired Carol several times, including to run an all-day Board Retreat where every single attendee thought it was the absolute best possible way to spend a working Saturday; where the Staff had excellent opportunities to expand and grow their abilities; and most recently to place our Managing Attorney in one of Carol’s Leadership Academies. I have heard other CEOs and Managing Partners at a number of law firms (including mine!) talk about how effective Carol is at aligning their teams with their own priorities and getting rid of toxicity in their workplaces. I have experienced first-hand her work with our Board, and our Managing Attorney, and my level of respect for Carol’s techniques and talents has soared even higher. As far as I can tell, Carol’s progress with the students at her public and private Academies is even better than I have read about in Carol’s numerous glowing reviews on her LinkedIn Profile. Any company, law firm, non-profit, or other entity at which people are working together can benefit dramatically from the training of Carol Marzouk, the Executive Lion Tamer.

Marc Hankin Managing partner, Hankin Patent Law

I’m so pleased to see that you and our CEO have the trust and confidence of good friends. I believe everyone benefited by your coaching. I hope the managers continue to work on their new skills. It’s a learning and relearning process. My only regret, is that we didn’t hire you sooner. Again, thank you for your support and work with our leadership.

Chairman of the Board Orange County Non-Profit

This academy helped me make decisions that were critical. It wasn't just the class. It was the 1 on 1 support, you've helped me retain employees and get the ball rolling to resolve systemic issues. The group session exercises really help to see how other people do it and how it works in other organizations. It gives one more confidence that the tools work and are real solutions when you see them working across all industries. The dashboard was also a huge confidence booster and because of it, I have made great strides and have accomplished a lot; including not jumping to conclusions and stopping taking things personally.

Nithin Reddy Academy Graduate - Managing Attorney, Veterans Legal Institute

THANK YOU CAROL!!!! I personally can’t express how much I have appreciated all that you given us. I personally looked forward to each class…not only to learn so much for myself but learn more about those I work with,. and of course the laughs 😊… it was very eye opening and felt it brought us much closer as a team…. Thanks to YOU!! You have such a beautiful and warm personality, one of your many, many attributes. The first time I met you….. a few years back at a seminar put on by the EAC that Carmen and I attended I recall so clearly how Carmen and I liked you so much instantly…. For me it was like meeting a kindred spirit. Thank you sincerely for being in this world and now in my/our lives…. You do and have made a difference!!!

Rachel Gonzalez Academy graduate - The Mate Company

Law firms can be challenging places to work. Take a group of highly intelligent and ambitious professionals who care about their work product, and problems can emerge. A toxic work environment can be very bad for morale. It can impact client service and in the worst case, it can cause costly turnover, or even generate legal action. Fortunately, the world has Carol Marzouk, The Executive Lion Tamer®️. I recently interviewed Carol on the #counseltocounselpodcast . We had a great time talking about the ways Carol gets high performing teams to work together with more effectiveness. Find it wherever you get your podcasts or visit my website at Seckler (dot) com to find the podcast homepage. In my own coaching work, I've seen that lawyers are very coachable on leadership. We don't learn these skills in law school and the skills which make us effective as a lawyer (skepticism, risk aversion, organization), may hinder our ability to lead. Are you dealing with a toxic work culture? Are you concerned about the ways your own behavior is impacting morale at your firm or in your corporate law department? Reach out to me for a free consult (or contact Carol!)

Steve Seckler Founder, Seckler Attorney Coaching

Why is it that we in manufacturing often make the mistake of promoting our most technically competent or driven shop people in leadership positions and instantly expect them to become great leaders? Understanding why people work and behave the way they do, what motivates the folks you are working with, how to conduct yourself so that others follow, and what support you need to provide to subordinates is not a natural ability for many people. We currently have two of our leaders in Carol Marzouk's leadership academy. What a fantastic opportunity it's been for them to develop and grow! Many of the leadership topics covered are new to them. The concepts they are now applying, the innovative approaches they are now using, and the deeper thinking they are now engaged in, is fantastic to see and beneficial to all of us. These are things they never would have thought about before. This is a definite game changer and it benefits the entire company. They are developing a new and usable vocabulary as they progress and think more deeply about leadership. The tangible difference can be seen in the choices they make when determining who does what and in the way they react when challenging situations present themselves. If you want your leaders to get to the next level and help your whole company grow, I would strongly recommend that you put your leadership folks in Carol's Leadership Academy!

Jon Armstrong Owner and Co-Founder, Do It American

We reached out to Carol as we had a critical staffing need. Carol came in and did an onsite thorough assessment of our staff and management styles. She then helped us create a series of questions that were designed to target what we valued as a firm and what personality traits would fit within our culture. After candidates completed the assessment she then personally interviewed them going deeper into our core needs. We will never hire anyone again without using her process. Carol's unbiased, objective, holistic approach lead us to find exactly what we were looking for and avoid costly mistakes. -

Kevin Tolan Chief Executive Office of Confluence Wealth Management Group

Our Office has benefited very much from going to Carol's seminar. Our communication has tightened up a lot more and are not only happier, but it's become so much easier for us to communicate with one another. Thank you for all of the new skills you taught us and for giving us two days of your time.

Anabel Padilla Chartwell Staffing

Carol, I greatly appreciate all the knowledge and tools you shared with us on how to be a better manager. I learned a lot from this academy & will be using all the tools you provided. You're a great instructor and a very good person with a big heart. Thank you so much and I wish you the best! Academy graduate

Carmen De La Huerta Academy Graduate - The Mate Company

​"Thank you so much for sharing your A-MA-ZING insight and knowledge. It was so enjoyable! I learned so much and it's all so empowering!“

Cynthia Vecserdy Communication and Teaming Retreat Participant, A Clear Path

The Academy has really helped with identifying the people that we work with their styles and adapting to them to be able to steer them in the right direction. Everything is looking really good now! It's really helped me, not just at work but also at home.

Roger Sobocinski Academy graduate - Branch Manager, Trench Shoring

Every class had something valuable. I got a lot out of it. There was even a lot of therapy that I didn't expect. I got derailed due to Covid, then back up to speed, and really learned how to take initiative, get more organized mentally and physically, and even how to adjust when dealing with other people, which ended up getting me a lot of respect. The checklists also really helped!​

Aaron Gage Academy Graduate - Manager of Operations, Cryoworks

This Academy has really helped me get to know my employees as people and treat everyone a little differently in order to get the best out of them. It has also improved my relationship with my supervisor and really taught me how to delegate more effectively. Before, I thought I needed to do everything myself and I was always overwhelmed . This class helped me realize that it's OK to take initiative and make the calls . I lost the fear to call the shots! After practicing it a few times the fear faded. I am now getting a different level of respect and my compensation has even gotten better!

Sergio Campos Academy Graduate - Process/Tooling Engineer, Mission Rubber

I am so impressed with Carol. She has the ability to go into a company and dig out what is festering, to allow fresh blood and new growth to take place. She is truly gifted. I appreciate her work ethic, her knowledge, and her soul.

Karen McLucas AAWCC

Carol is a delight to work with. Her warm and engaging personality is like the human embodiment of a big hug which quickly disarms any tension that might exist in the room.

Colby Young Odi Grips

We're really good now, thanks to you Carol. It's somewhat ironic...although of course I am so grateful to you for your help with navigating our staff issues, I think I am most grateful for the transformation in communication between me and my other relationships. You have a true gift...thank you so much for sharing that gift with us! ALSO, Thank you, Carol and Team! Our new staff member is simply AMAZING, and I am so grateful to both of you (and Predictive Index).

Sarah Whang Surgeon, Pediatric Eye Care and Surgery

When my firm grew, I began to notice that were were experiencing more miscommunication and conflict in the workplace than we had when were a much smaller group working together in the same office. What I learned is that no matter how skilled, intelligent and professionally effective your employees may be, anytime you bring together in the workplace a group of people with different personalities, backgrounds, cultures and communication styles and behaviors, some level of conflict, misunderstandings and miscommunications are inevitable. When I read Carol Marzouk’s bio, I instantly knew that our firm could greatly benefit from her knowledge, experience and expertise in transforming human behaviors, relationships and culture in the workplace. My employees and I recently participated in an all-day group session with Carol and the results were instantaneous. It was the one most eye-opening and rewarding experiences that I have ever had as an employer. Carol’s positive energy, enthusiasm and expertise was exactly as advertised—it was transformative! The education and training that we received as a group on that day was exactly what we needed. It marked the beginning of the creation of a new culture for our firm to which we all committed on that day—a culture where an industrious group of people can have open and honest communication with each other and respect and admiration for the differences that makes each of us unique but equally valuable as individuals and colleagues in the workplace. Carol has put us on the right path toward effective communication, trust, empowerment, and “family harmony” in the workplace. Thank you for that gift Carol!

Paul Velasco Founder, Velasco Law Group

He (the Manager taking Carol’s Leadership Academy) talks to me fairly often about the class and about his challenges as a manager. I know he takes his class assignments seriously. I see, over the past year, growth in his comfort with management, his confidence, his willingness to insert his own ideas into discussion, his willingness to challenge others’ ideas (including mine) and his ability to connect with his direct reports as a human and not just a boss. As a mentor, I’m proud of him.”

Richard Getze Missiion Rubber

I called Carol 10 days before our board retreat. Undaunted, she went straight to work, interviewing board members, studying our web site, bylaws, and budget. On the day of the retreat, I was pleasantly surprised how well she knew us and how prepared she was to effectively guide us through our issues. She helped us loosen up without playing silly games. She kept us on track without being too rigid. And she offered to provide follow up - and she has! I cannot recommend her strongly enough. She will help you improve your organization by giving you new tools and strategies to communicate and move forward.

Caroline Brady Executive Director, Friends of Cabrillo Marine Acquarium

As President Elect of the Inland Gateway Association of Realtors we had the good fortune to have Carol as our Facilitator for our Strategic Planning Retreat. I know I can speak for the entire group in saying that Carol far exceeded our expectations with her pre-meeting in depth interviews with the entire team that proved to be so helpful in telling us where we came together and where we differed. The session itself was full of fun and thought-provoking energy. Followup is already in the works with the key contacts. Carol Marzouk is a ROCKSTAR and comes highly recommended by me!

Steve Bussman President Elect, Inland Gateway Association of Realtors

I have attended two sessions with Carol Marzouk: Behavioral Selling and our Board of Directors Strategy Session. The Behavioral Selling was excellent because it really helped me identify how a seller and buyer react based their behavioral type and communicate with them the way that is most suited for them. I now do this with every person I come in contact with. The Board Strategy Session was most excellent! Thanks to Carol's methods and interview calls she was able to make the Strategy Session the most effective one we have had in 7 years. If you are thinking of personal growth for you or corporate growth for your organization, I recommend Carol to help lead you on a path that will enrich you AND your business.

Manny De Silvia Realtor of the Year 2014, and Executive Officer at TIGAR

What sets Carol apart as a coach is her ability to have keen insights about the human side of doing business combined with insights about specific business issues that leaders, executives, and manager face. She provides outstanding value to leaders who want to more effectively executive strategy and key initiatives, and also for those who face issues fully engaging their people. In her work, Carol does a phenomenal job combining best practices in hard-core business disciplines like Six Sigma and process improvement, along with helping leaders have insight about their specific behaviors and perceptions that might be holding back performance. I have had the pleasure of working with Carol and seeing her in action. She cares deeply about the success of her clients, is extremely easy to work with and personable, and yet is insistent on the highest standards of achievement, quality, integrity, and results. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. - ,

Andrew Nietlich Founder, CEC

My firm was in the process of implementing some new business development objectives and I wanted to make sure the whole team was on the same page. We hired Carol to facilitate some team building exercises for both management and the whole team. Carol not only did an amazing job with the exercises but also introduced everything in a fashion that created trust and buy-in right from the beginning. If you are trying to take your business from point A to point B, Carol will help you reach that goal. I give her my highest recommendation.

Roy Jimenez Partner/Owner, TLD Law

I, along with a large group of other managers, attended Carol's half day session on interpersonal communications in the workplace. We were all invited to complete the DISC instrument to learn more about our own preferences and styles as well as others. I have attended many workshops on the subject and this was one of the best. Carol was able to help us see how our styles and others impacts our perceptions and interactions. One of the line Division Directors who attended invited Carol to facilitate a workshop with his staff. I followed up with a few who attended the session and received very positive reports about how productive and fun the session was. Productive and fun? That is ideal for improving morale and engagement among coworkers. On a side note but also important - Carol is bilingual (Spanish) and that was helpful for some of the participants whose first language is Spanish. Highly recommend Carol for facilitating workshops on interpersonal communications style as well as coaching employees.

Denise Leat Director, Orange Coast College

I found Carol Marzouk charming and her presentation on DISC very applicable to a sales environment. Her grasp of the DISC behavioral assessment and how a salesperson should approach a prospective client is only outdone by her ability to deliver it an engaging, relevant and fun way. She is welcome to speak before our group any time. I plan to have her teach again in the future and I cannot recommend her enough.

James Free James Free Properties and Board of Directors, The Inland Gateway Association of Realtors

Carol is one of the most inspirational and positive individuals I have worked with during my career. I came to know her well during several projects. Carol has an amazing way of connecting with individuals and a style that captivates and leads to success. You can't help but leave an interaction with her feeling better about any situation and ready to take on the world!

Bill Pittges Chief Operations Officer, SVP Technology

Carol Marzouk is the most inspirational speaker and trainer that I have ever had the fortune to experience. She motivates her audience with her own enthusiasm which is absolutely contagious. Her classes have great content and her approach to learning is fun. Definitely worth the investment!

Carol Zyburt CEO, JNC Global Corporation

Carol is an unbelievable speaker, coach, and consultant. She has incredible presence in a crowd that exudes confidence, passion, and kindness all at once! She is incredibly genuine and speaks with extensive knowledge and experience in helping leaders become the best they can be while achieving their business goals. Carol is someone that people want to be around because she is that magnetic of a personality. I highly recommend anyone looking to hire an experienced, articulate, and commanding speaker, that Carol be one of the first that you call. She is simply amazing!

Kelly Hamm HR Strategic Business Partner / Certified Executive Coach /Organizational Design Consultant / Communications Consultant

Carol is a very bright, warm, and observant person and coach who is able to help others see themselves clearly -- allowing them to be more aware of their effects on their work groups and teams. She is adept at synthesizing diverse ideas and goals, helping teams develop their projects effectively. Her executive coaching skills are excellent in facilitating leaders' improving results in their organizations. Also, Carol is approachable and facile in multiple cultures, which makes her abilities even more useful to whoever is wise enough to hire her. I'm grateful to be working with her in the Center for Executive Coaching, as her presence has been helpful not only to me personally, but to our entire group.

Pamela Pappas MD, MD(H), Wholehearted Doctoring, Founder/CEO

I have attended 2 separate events that featured Carol. She is very engaging, and informative. She truly makes learning fun! I left with a lot more viable information from her seminars, than I have gleaned from other presenters, and highly recommend her. 5 Stars.

Mary Slater Owner, Positive Printing Services

Carol is high energy, optimistic and can-do. She has extensive experience in corporate, business and training environments as well as customer service. She is a clear and concise speaker as well as being sincere and engaging. Importantly, Carol cares. Carol never forgets that we actually CAN do what we want to do, which inspires us to access our own genius to find the path forward. And she makes it fun!

Erik Swerrie Leader and Manager of People, Business, Operations and Supporting Processes

Carol Marzouk is such an awesome motivational and inspirational speaker. She was able to build trust quickly with my staff, which resulted in them opening up and sharing their soul with her and with their fellow team. Many of my staff came to me following the session letting me know just how happy and excited they were with the DiSC training done by Carol and just how much they learned about communicated better with their co-workers. She even had the presentation in Spanish for some of our staff! Looking forward to our next workshop with Carol on Conflict Resolution.

Thomas Selzer General Manager of Instructional Food Service, Orange Coast College

I have been lucky enough to work with Carol twice...Once in a strategic planning setting and the other in a Disc Assessment Training. In both instances, her personality thrives and keeps the room engaged as well as attentive. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a true professional in her field.

Ryan Ellis Branch Manager, Business Development, Wholesale Capital Corporation

I am proud to write a recommendation for one of the most positive and smartest individuals I had the pleasure to have on my team. She is a strong leader having inspired one of the strongest Customer Service operations. She not only lead a very engaged team of individuals but she also motivated them to excel at exceeding customer expectations.

Peter Serrate iD Commerce + Logistics

"Hi Carol, I would like to say thank you for providing this month's academy project regarding "understanding each employee". It has been amazing to get feedback on how each employee perceives me as their manager and also us, as a company. Getting to know them has been very beneficial to work on my weaknesses and strengths. Thank you once again!"

Wendy Academy Graduate

Carol is a sheer delight to work with. She never spares herself in going the extra mile. She is a fantastic speaker and coach with years of experience. I recommend her highly to anyone.

Kathleen Friend MD, Integrative Psychiatry of the Berkshires

You are completely correct that Carol Marzouk Executive Lion Tamer is truly an "inspirational leader!" Indeed she is that! What I have learned is that Carol's best talent is in guiding, mentoring and inspiring her Leadership Academy trainees to become "inspirational leaders" themselves! I am fortunate to have been able to witness personally some of the results of some of the Leadership Training that Carol has done over the past few years and I myself have been inspired by Carol to become a better leader. She is without a doubt the best of her breed!

Marc Hankin Managing partner, Hankin Patent law

"Thanks Carol, always really great to talk with you. Thanks for your excellent work - I'm not sure how you do it... it feels like magic!"

David Cuccia Founder and CTO, Modulim

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